August 6, 2015


Lots of men don’t give a priority to face care and don’t consider it being as important as women do. I want this cliché to disappear from men’s mind and to present you my daily face care routine.
The discovery of these products began in my bathroom couple of months ago after an exhausting day when I noticed that all my creams had been finished and I was forced to use something of my wife.

I’m using all 3 products of Rosense for 4 months now and I’m really happy with them like I’ve never been with any other face care series. Up to now I have tested several products but none of them really satisfied me. I’ve got a rather dry skin on my cheeks but a normal skin on the other parts. Rosense face care collection is the first product to perfectly meet these different skin requirements.

Now coming to my daily face care routine:

Step1: The pleasantly soft cleansing foam of Rosense is made without any preservatives but with natural ingredients (such as pure rose leafs). The skin is being cleansed efficiently and feels like soft and fresh after this treatment.

Step 2: The Rosense face water consists 100% of rose water and doesn’t have any other ingredients. It’s perfect for any kind of skin type. It cleanses the skin properly once again after washing and is refreshing  in a smooth way. Moreover it also has an antibacterial effect and shrinks the pores and reduces flushes. I’m recognizing this effect more and more.

Step 3: Last but not least I put on the Rosense face cream for normal skin. This cream treatment is the last step of my daily face care having the crucial moisturizing effect.

Since I’ve been searching  the right face care products for a long time, I hope to be able to support some of you guys with this thread. But you have to keep in mind that there are various types of skin which are reacting differently on products. Hence I  can only describe and share my own and individual experience with Rosense. So just try out whether this face care products are fitting your skin requirements.