About Me

Mr. Gentleguy embodies a down-to-earth attitude towards fashion. Each matched look has its own set of nuances ranging from trendy to brave representing the lifestyle of Mr. Gentleguy. As such, Mr. Gentleguy’s blog comprises a spectrum of styles to satisfy different tastes. Hence the vision of Mr. Gentleguy’s fashion blog is to inspire the fashion community and to start some mini fashion trends. So don’t forget to look at the details. Moreover Mr. Gentleguy is also covering topics such as grooming, events and travel to give you a perfect insight into the entire  lifestyle of Mr. Gentleguy.

Ferkan is the guy behind Mr. Gentleguy. He was born in 1987 and has enjoyed living in Munich ever since. During his Technology Management studies at the Technical University of Munich he discovered his passion for fashion and started to experiment by matching some attractive outfits. On his way to becoming a little trendsetter, he enjoys sharing his daily outfits as well as those from special occasions with fellow fashion lovers. Mr. Gentleguy is thankful to his fashion addicted and wonderful wife for all of her support. He is looking forward to seeing his outfits incorporated into the wider fashion world.



Being a digital influencer and blogger with growing reach and influence I have been working with lots of brands so far. The kind of collaboration is on individual agreement basis and ranges from outfit promotion posts on my Instagram Account, procuct review on my website, promotion shooting for brands to different brand ambassador campaigns. These are just some brands I’m working with: